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Professional Business Writing

Professional writing designed to take the business or applicant to the next level and achieve growth. From resumes, to official policies, to even a outline to achieve growth - Atrox Marketing can write it all.

Business Outline

$65 /outline

Custom Plan Outline

Live Call Walkthrough

Recorded Screen & Call

Previous Tactics Feedback

Trends & Industry Analysis

Demographic Analysis

Product & Pricing Analysis


*Price can vary. Price shown is starting price


$35 /resume

Professional Resume

Custom, Easy to Read Layout

PDF & DOCX Files

Optimized for ATS Systems

For All Levels of Work

Top Level "High" Diction

36 Hour Alteration Warranty


*Price can vary. Price shown is starting price


$40 /policy

Professional Policies

"Loophole" Free

Dual Party Satisfaction

Laws from Operating Country

Source File Access

Top Level "High" Diction

36 Hour Alteration Warranty


*Price can vary. Price shown is starting price


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of documents can be written?

While the list of the documents that can be written could go on forever, the main documents that are asked for are the following; Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookies Agreement Policy, Third-Party (SLA/Freelancer) Contract, Business Plan Outline, Cold Marketing E-Mails, and Resumes. All these documents are written in a custom, and high-quality manner designed to help the business or applicant succeed on their next or current adventure.

Is there any experience had in writing these documents?

Of course! At Atrox Marketing, no service is offered without having previous professional experience in the field. Our team has created documents for various e-commerce brands that generate $10k+ per month in revenue. Aside from writing for e-commerce brands, our team has also written professional resumes for applicants in vaious industries. which resulted in those applicants receiving an offer for the job.

What is the avergae time it takes to complete a document?

While there is no definite time as each documet has differing specifications, the average time can be provided. For a Business Plan Outline, that can average around seven (7) days. For any sort of a policy or contract, that can average around five (5) days. For a resume, that can average around three (3) days. In order to be given an exact timeframe for the requested document, simply contact our team - Atrox Marketing Contact - to be given an exact timeframe.

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