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Terms & Conditions


Thank you for visiting and considering “Atrox Marketing”. The information outlined below are the terms presented for all those who access any sector of the company and possibly decide to use Atrox Marketing for any of the offered services.

With accessing any portion of the company known as “Atrox Marketing” you automatically agree to all of the terms outlined, including all terms currently present and future alterations that may occur in this Terms of Service - this is done to ensure the safety and integrity is upheld among all users of the service which are provided by the said company.

As you access any portion of “Atrox Marketing” you provide unwritten confirmation that all terms presented, even if the terms are altered at any time, have been thoroughly and carefully read by you before your interaction with any other portion of the company. You confirm that you have no questions or concerns pertaining to any term presented - if any questions or concerns do arise, you are to contact a representative immediately.

In regards to any alterations that may occur, all representatives from “Atrox Marketing” reserve the right to alter these terms at any time that the representative deems the alteration to be necessary. Under the circumstance that this occurs, we are not required to notify you of these alterations - it is your duty to carefully and thoroughly review these terms on a consistent basis.


While reviewing this Terms of Service for “Atrox Marketing”, you understand that there will be other aliases used to represent the two parties. Despite these aliases not being the legal name of the two parties, these synonymous terms hold the same legitimacy as the legal names.

In regards to the company, “Atrox Marketing”, throughout the document the company and the said representatives will be referred to as; “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Representative(s)”, and “Company”.

In regards to the users of the services provided by Atrox Marketing, throughout the document the users will be referred to as; “You”, “Your”, “Their”, “User(s)” and “Client”.

In regards to purchasing a "session", this is the desiganted timeframe which is agreed upon by the team member of Atrox Marketing and said client - or otherwise the set timeframe in the pre-set package.
A session is not to be assumed to be more than the agreed upon timeframe - meaning if a one (1) week session is purchased, it does not last the same length as a one (1) month session, nor are the different lengthed sessions to include the same offerings (what is included in the package - custom or pre-set).

There shall be no requirement for Atrox Marketing to provide clarification of these synonymous terms unless it is requested by the user. If you would like clarification, you are to contact a representative in which you will receive a response.


When purchasing the social media marketing service provided by us, you are responsible for paying the full cost (100%) in the proper currency, the United States Dollar, that you are invoiced before the start of any services which you are attempting to purchase. You understand that the pricing of the services will vary from the selected package and the client’s overall budget.

All payments are subject to non-dismissible taxes and fees to remain in guidance with the laws and payment processors in which we operate. The tax is based on the the State's Sales Tax and fees which the payment processor charges.

Under no circumstance should you be making payments with information that isn’t yours unless given explicit permission. You are to be at least 18 years of age or 13 years of age with a legal guardian’s permission to complete the total payment presented on the invoice.

If you have any questions about the security of the payment processor being used, Stripe, or how the overall services we offer occur, you are not to complete payment of any amount. Under the circumstance in which this occurs, you are to contact a representative immediately to provide clarification.


As this is a digital product/service, meaning it is impossible to return a tangible good, we hold a strict refund policy for all clients.

The refund policy we hold is as follows;

  • A refund should only occur if there is a strong disliking towards the service being provided after allowing for one (1) week to pass by to allow for the full effects of the marketing to occur;
  • You will be refunded for only the time that is not used in the total service session which is required to be purchased. To clarify, if you had purchased the service for one (1) month and requested a refund after one (1) week, you would be refunded for three (3) weeks;
  • The refund will be provided only to the information that was used to pay. To clarify, we will not send money back to a different bank account, credit card, etc
  • If a refund is processed, you will not be refunded any taxes or fees which you are charged at the time of payment and/or taken from Atrox Marketing directly for said payment.
  • After the service is complete, you do not reserve the right to request a refund. This includes if you had purchased another session, or multiple sessions (each session is deemed separate).
  • There will be a requirement for all planned or scheduled posts to be deleted prior to a refund being processed.
  • We will no longer be required to provide any form of the purchased service after the refund request is accepted or if your right to the service was removed.

Under the circumstance in which you are denied a refund, or are only provided a partial refund - based on work completed already - you will not be given any allowance to file a chargeback on the payment or claim the payment to be fraudulent. If you use third-party payment information and that third-party decides to file a chargeback on the payment or claim the payment to be fraudulent, you will be held accountable.

If there is a chargeback or claim of the payment to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to go through all necessary means to recoup all losses caused by this occurrence.


(i) Reception of the Service

As this is a digital product/service, meaning it is impossible to return a tangible good, we hold a strict refund policy for all clients.

The refund policy we hold is as follows; All services which you purchase begin automatically the day after the invoice is paid - to clarify, a one (1) month session would be completed thirty (30) days after.

When purchasing a service, it is important to review the overall aspects of the work you will receive as you will receive only what is outlined on the pricing page and nothing more - even if alterations are made after your time of purchase.

The full completion of the service is dependent on your ability to communicate on a daily basis and also provide log-in details or connect our social profiles to yours as Admins - if the platform allows for this to occur. Under the circumstance in which you fail to do this, there will be no refund provided as it was not under the wrong doing of Atrox Marketing, as we were prepared and ready to complete the service.

(ii) Removal of the Service

We reserve the right to cancel or remove your rights to our services at any time - even if we are in the middle of a session.

The grounds which we would cancel your service for would be for the following;

  • The company being managed turns into an illegal business or alters from what the original business was at time of payment;
  • Failure to maintain an active account - including banned, suspended, or unable to use all features of the platform;
  • Failure to provide proper conditions to complete said service (i.e., active server, up to date analytics, etc.)
  • Failure to respond or give log-in details/add as Admin after multiple requests;
  • Failure to give proper permissions to allow for Atrox Marketing to carry out duties (in-game, in-person, etc.)
  • Client's failure to allow professional - worker of Atrox Marketing - to use their expeirence;
  • Client's failure to continue being in contact with Atrox Marketing on a weekly basis (Atrox Marketing is not the one contacting - this is duty of the client);
  • Selling or Presenting Ownership (Any Portion) of your business to a third-party;

Under the circumstance in which one of these instances listed above occurs, you will not be given a refund as the reasonings are clearly stated before you purchase a service - meaning you had clear knowledge of these terms.


(i) Client's Public Appearance

As we manage your social profiles, it will be our top priority to ensure you and your company retains a positive public image. However, that is not always possible based on the reviews of the clients and the overall integrity of yourself and your company. If any backlash, in other words, slander or negative remarks, is received due to the content or management is done on your social profiles we are not to be held accountable. The reasoning as to why we are not held accountable is due to us confirming all actions, posts, and interactions prior to any of them occurring. Therefore, since you have given approval, we follow that approval and our plan.

(ii) Atrox Marketing Public Appearance

On the other hand, it is also one of our priorities to ensure that our public image is seen in a positive light. With that, there are certain situations in which you do not have the right to slander, or negatively review Atrox Marketing.
These situations are outlined as;

  • No connection or discussion of any real matter with us;
  • Services revoked due to illegal actions or attempted payment fraud;
  • Attempt to denote the company as your business is a competitor;
  • Disliking of any representative that has no correlation to the business;

If you wish to speak about a specific representative, not in regards to the overall business you have the right to do so. However, if you are unsure if your review follows the terms stated, you are to contact a representative. If you choose to simply post it without confirming and it breaches the terms stated, you will be faced with a mandatory compensation requirement.

Content Usage

(i) Client's Rights to Usage

With us creating custom content to be posted on your social profiles, there are specific regulations to your allowance to use the content and the various aspects of the content.

When we create the custom content, it is our highest goal to use images of the past work or products you have completed/sold. However, in the case that that is not an option we will resort to royalty-free image(s). Under no circumstance are we required to ensure that the image(s) used is/are completely royalty-free, we will simply only ensure the image states it is royalty-free on the website. You will be held accountable if the image(s) is/are not royalty-free and a fine/compensation has to be paid as a result.

Under no circumstance do you reserve the right to resell any portion of the content that we had created to be posted on your social profiles. The only exception to this is if you provided image(s) for us to use - if that is the case then you are allowed to use, sell, or distribute the image(s) only, not the entire provided content.

If you are found to be unlawfully selling, distributing, or using the content in any aspect after the services we had provided ended we reserve the right to recoup all losses by requiring compensation to be provided.

(ii) Atrox Marketing's Right to Usage

Atrox Marketing reserves the right to use the created content on any page owned by Atrox Marketing or it's representatives - as deemed necessary.

If the content reposted on other pages owned by Atrox Marketing or it's representatives does result in an "influential" status, any form of additional perks or rewards, you are not entitled to any portion.

Under the circumstance in which you find your content to be reposted on a page owned by Atrox Marketing or its representatives, you do not reserve the right to request any form of refund or chargeback on your payment made.


When visiting any sector of Atrox Marketing, you will have access to various assets which are under full ownership (100%) by the Owner of Atrox Marketing.

With that, your ownership of the company, Atrox Marketing, and all of the assets under the name of the company, is to be no greater than zero (0) unless you hold an Executive position in the company and a signed document stating otherwise occurs.

Under no circumstance do you reserve the right to;

  • Present yourself as the full or partial owner of these assets;
  • Sell or Distribute these files to anyone at all;
  • Alter the assets to use them for your own gain;
  • Alter the assets to slander or negatively affect Atrox Marketing;

To clarify, under no circumstance should you attempt to download any of the files present in regards to Atrox Marketing. If you wish to know if a specific file is deemed an asset, please do so by contacting a representative to be given a response.

Rights to website linking

If you are a website or an organization looking to provide a link on your website or company that results in our website, there are specific guidelines and requirements which determine if you are eligible or not to do so.

The following list are those who do not have to be permitted to do so;

  • Government Agency;
  • Search Engine;
  • News Outlets;
  • Media Groups;
  • Online Business or Marketing Directories - is to be in the same regard as done with other businesses or marketing information;

The organizations listed above reserve the right to automatically form a hyperlink to our website as long as; (i) the link is not an attempt to be deceptive or falsely advertise, (ii) there is no attempt to illegally gain data from each click or viewing of the link, and (iii) the link does not present us in a false image.

In regards to those who were not listed in the list above, the list below is given the right to contact us regarding the right to do so;

  • Well-known business, marketing, or “trendy” based blogs;
  • Community Sites / Chat Groups;
  • Official Charitable Organizations;
  • Consulting and Marketing Firms;

The organization categories listed above, have the chance to be accepted under the circumstance that; (i) the link is not an attempt to be deceptive or falsely advertise, (ii) there is no attempt to illegally gain data from each click or viewing of the link, (iii) the link does not present us in a false image, (iv) there is no previous disagreements between the two parties, (v) follows the internet laws of the country of operation, and (vi) the website is not presented towards those under the age of thirteen (13) years.

Under the circumstance in which the link is to be created, there is no right given that allows for any of the assets, aside from the name, to be used - as per our Intellectual Property terms.


Under the circumstance in which the Terms of Service is given an alteration of any kind, two scenarios may occur.

(i) Non-Client User

Under the occurrence of this, the alteration of the terms will apply immediately to you no matter the circumstance as we are not required to notify you of alterations that may occur at any time.

(ii) Current Client User

Under the occurrence of this, all alterations of the terms will apply immediately to you after the purchased service, which is currently in session, is completed (without notice of alterations). You will still be expected to review these alterations without notice as per the terms presented in these Terms of Service.

Even if you had purchased multiple sessions of the service, the alterations will apply to you after the current session that is ongoing is completed.


Below are miscellaneous terms that are still as important to the overall integrity of the business and client satisfaction.

(i) Longevity of Terms

Under no circumstance is your agreement to these terms to be deemed void after your first interaction of any sector of Atrox Marketing. If you wish to sign a legal document which states you no longer agree to the Terms of Service, please do so by contacting a representative.

(ii) Waiver or Alternate Terms & Policies

Under no circumstance will a waiver - used to remove accountability from yourself, or alternate terms/policies - made with outside clients or accessors of any sector of the website, be accepted to take superiority of the terms presented here in the Terms of Service. This term is still in effect even if the agreement was made before the most recent version of the official Atrox Marketing Terms of Service.

(iii)Legal Proceedings

In the circumstance which there is a legal dispute, or in otherwise actions of a similar nature, these disputes are to result in arbitration located in New York State, United States. With purchasing any service from Atrox Marketing, you waive your right to hold a legal proceeding, or similar action, in any other location (New York, United States) and in any other form aside from that specificed above (arbitration).

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