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Privacy Policy


When accessing any portion of Atrox Marketing, or contacting any representative of said company, you agree to abide by and understand the information stated below in the Official Privacy Policy - this is all done to ensure the safety of yourself and others at all times.

From the immediate instance in which you access any portion you provide unwritten confirmation that you have thoroughly and carefully read all terms stated, even if the terms were altered since you had last read them. You confirm that you have no questions or concerns about any term presented - if any questions or concerns do arise pertaining to the privacy policy presented, you are to contact a representative before any further interactions with any other sector.

To conclude, Atrox Marketing reserves the right to alter any term presented in this document at any time from when you had last agreed to the Privacy Policy. Under the circumstance in which any representative decides to alter any portion of this document, there is no requirement for you to be notified about the alterations. It is your full duty to thoroughly and carefully review this document consistently to ensure you understand and agree to all terms presented.


Throughout the Privacy Policy document for the company, “Atrox Marketing”, there will be various terms used which are not a part of the legal name of the company or the legal name of the user. Despite this, the terms outlined below are seen as synonymous terms and are to be respected as and hold equivalent value as the legal name.

In regards to the company, “Atrox Marketing”, throughout the document the company and the said representatives will be referred to as; “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Representative(s)”, and “Company”.

In regards to the users of the services provided by Atrox Marketing, throughout the document the users will be referred to as; “You”, “Your”, “Their”, and “Customer”.

Under no circumstance is Atrox Marketing required to provide an unrequested understanding in regards to the synonymous terms used. If you have any questions or concerns, you are at the required duty of contacting a representative for further understanding.


As you access any portion of the company Atrox Marketing, you understand that you may be asked to provide personal information to allow for the usage of services, interaction with representatives, and various other reasons in order to improve your experience with services offered by Atrox Marketing.

The personal information, also known as data, which you may be requested or required to provide, knowingly or unknowingly, to ensure the services are being used to the full capacity include;

  • IP Address
  • Payment Information
  • Login Detail(s)
  • Email(s)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Address

If you wish for this data to not be collected under any circumstance, you are to no longer access any portion of Atrox Marketing as you understand that there is the possibility for this to occur at all times.


Under the circumstance in which you provide any form of data, you understand that said data which you provide will be securely stored along with the data from other users of the services.

The reasoning for the storage of the data which you provide us is done to ensure the services we state we are able to provide can be provided. Thus, the data is used for contractual agreements we form with the client to provide our services; account information, services purchased, etc.

If you wish to have your data completely removed from the system, and receive no form of compensation as you requested for the data to be removed, please contact a representative from the Atrox Marketing team at contact@atroxmarketing.com

While we go through the proper steps in order to ensure your data is deleted, there is still the possibility your data will be found in older copies of the data storage system. If you wish for this to not occur, do not access any portion of our company.


In the current day, the breach of various companies and their data storage is becoming more and more prevalent; therefore, we are ultimately doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening.

Although we are attempting to prevent this entirely, no storage system or means of communication are completely safe from any form of a breach. Thus, we advise you to not provide us with any data which you wish to not be accessed in the case of a breach.

Under the circumstance in which you provide us with your data and a breach does occur, you are not to hold Atrox Marketing accountable as you provided us with your data at your own risk knowing the possibility of this breach was highly possible. There shall be no form of compensation or support in regaining control of your breached data in the case of this instance occurring.


When the data you provide us is collected and stored, there is the possibility for said data to be used for various purposes. While none of these reasons include the data being sold, it has the chance to be used for:

  • Business Transfers;
  • Consent;
  • Related Companies/Subsidiaries;
  • Agents;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Analytical Findings;

As you provide data you understand that you do not retain the ability to pick and choose what your data is used for in the list provided. If you wish for your data to not be used for any of the purposes above, you are not to access any portion of Atrox Marketing.


Accessing any portion of Atrox Marketing provides the ability for you to access third-party and click anonymous links that have no correlation to our company.

If you choose to access third-party sites, whether a partner of Atrox Marketing or not, you are doing so at your own risk. Under no circumstance does Atrox Marketing have any knowledge or correlation to the practices and morals of said third-party website and business.

We recommend clicking on links in which you feel as though you can trust the company, the person providing the link, and the overall morals of all parties involved (Atrox Marketing not being a party).

Under the circumstance in which your data is breached or any form of negative occurrence comes due to the interaction with a link found on any portion of Atrox Marketing, there shall be no accountability placed on Atrox Marketing. You shall be given no form of compensation or support in dealing with this instance.


Users of our services who reside in the state of California are afforded additional rights pertaining to their personal information as outlined by the California Consumer Privacy Act, or in other words “CCPA”, and the “Shine the Light” law.

If you currently reside in the state of California, this section applies to you.

(A) California Consumer Privacy Act
(i) Our Collection and Use of Personal Information

At Atrox Marketing, we ultimately collect the following information;

  • IP Address - ensure you are not blacklisted from our services
  • Payment Information - keep track of payments for services purchased
  • Login Detail(s) - allows for us to be able to connect with your accounts
  • Email(s) - allows for us to contact and notify you as soon as possible
  • Phone Number(s) - allows for us to contact and notify you as soon as possible
  • Address - send any necessary legal documents or responses
(ii) Disclosure of Personal Information

With providing your information to Atrox Marketing, there may be times in which we share your information with other individuals and companies - as outlined by our “DATA USAGE” category.

(iii) No Sale of Personal Information

Based on the information presented in the “CCPA”, there are certain regulations for businesses that choose to sell personal information. We, at Atrox Marketing, will not sell your information.

(iv) Exercising Your Consumer Rights

If you are a California resident, you have the right to request (1) more information about the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected and disclosed for a business purpose in the last 12 months, (2) deletion of your personal information, and (3) to opt-out of sales of your personal information, if applicable. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact a representative and follow the protocol as outlined in “DATA STORAGE”. There will be no discrimination against you for exercising your rights.


Atrox Marketing ensures that we are in compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss – U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States, respectively.

Under the circumstance in which there is a disagreement between the terms of this Privacy Policy and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, the Privacy Shields shall govern. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program please visit https://www.privacyshield.gov/.

If you ultimately find any problems or concerns, we ask that you please contact us for further clarification at; contact@atroxmarketing.com


These notices found below are important to the overall integrity of the business and all of the users of the services.

(i) Internet Laws

As Atrox Marketing is located in and operates the business out of the United States of America, all internet laws and business practices are to follow the laws orchestrated by the United States of America - this applies to those outside of the United States of America as well.

With that, you understand that all other laws, terms, policies, etc. are inferior to the policies, terms, and laws presented by Atrox Marketing and the United States of America.

Atrox Marketing

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